Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello Friends!

I have had a very busy, panicky few days.  When I went to pick up the key for the Metropolis Community Center on Tuesday, I learned they had double-booked and stuck me in the Girl Scout House.  Uh Oh.  The little, tiny, enough room for 20 Girl Scouts, Girl Scout House.  Uh oh, again.  And the other booking was a wedding.  Even though I booked first, there was NO WAY I could let this bride be without a place for her wedding (not if I ever expected to get a good night's sleep again).  So I got busy trying to find another venue.  After calling my friends for suggestions, and about forty-two calls to every conference room/banquet room in every hotel and nearby city, not to mention at least a hundred miles on my car, someone suggested the Massac County Community Center.  Duh!  And it just happened to be available.  So, instead of the Metropolis Community Center, we will be at the MASSAC COUNTY Community Center.  The address is 4476 Korte Road, Metropolis.  The Center is just west of the High School. 

Here are the directions:

From Kentucky, exit at Metropolis and go right at the end of the exit (toward Brookport). Take the very first left, which is Route 145. Take Rt. 145 to Country Club Road (about 2 miles or so?). Take a left on Country Club Road and go to the first stop sign, which is North Avenue. Take a left on North Avenue and then a left on Korte Road. The community center is about 1/2 block down on the right.

From the north, take a left at the end of the I-24 Metropolis exit and another left on Route 145. Same as above from there.

If you would rather come through town, head toward Metropolis (go left at the I-24 exit if you're coming from Paducah) and stay on Rt. 45 until you get to 12th Street. Take a right on 12th Street. Follow 12th Street to North Avenue. Take a right onto North Avenue.  Go past two cemeteries (one on the left, then one on the right) and then take a right on Korte Road.  The center is just down Korte Road on the right.  And in case you're up for a little trivia, the Bird Man of Alcatraz is buried in that first cemetery.  I couldn't find him, but that's what I've been told.

Please call me if you get lost! (618) 638-2046.

I have to especially thank Lori, Sue Cash, Dixie Lange, Sandy Gentry, Janice Arnett, and many members of Sue's family and friends who gave me great suggestions, help, phone numbers, and overall comfort while I began my quest for a large enough crop room.  You all are the best.

I am so looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!