Friday, September 18, 2015


I tried to remember the last time I sent a thank-you card and, sadly, it was a long time ago. A lot of folks, and apparently myself included, think something incredibly special has to happen in order to send a thank-you card. It doesn't. I recently received a thank you card from my friend who had spent the day stamping with me. We do this on a regular basis. Nothing special, right?  Yes, in the scheme of life, it was indeed special. We had a wonderful time and she wanted me to know how much she enjoyed it. I also remember how wonderful the card made me feel. With that said, I started working on some thank you cards.

When I saw the simple yet elegant design of this card in the Stampin' Up! Success Magazine, I had to "case" it (copy and share everything). I chose different colors, a different butterfly, flourishes (instead of vines), and the paper, but I can't claim the design.

The original card was very pretty in yellows and corals, but I wanted the softer hues of blues and greens (to portray kindness and appreciation). I think the silver foil doily portrays a touch of elegance (to make someone feel a little special). The wooden word "Thanks" adds a personal, down-to-earth touch to the sentiment. In other words, all of the elements you would expect in a heartfelt thank you are visually present in this card.  

The best thing about this card is that it was very easy to make. My Club members made this and some other projects (which I will be posting throughout the week).

I hope you enjoyed my version of a heartfelt thank you card. Now go out there and make a thank-you card for someone special in your life.

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