Friday, August 11, 2017

TIME FOR A COFFEE BREAK - My Craft Project Central Design for August

I am so fortunate to have been asked again to be a Designer for Craft Project Central this month. Since I've fallen in love with Stampin' Up!'s new Coffee Cafe ensemble, here's my project.

Do you know someone you don't get to see very often because they're so busy? With all the hustle-bustle going on in the world today, this Coffee Break set is the perfect gift to take to that person, and sit down with them for a chat. The k-cup holder is a cinch to put together - it could even stand on its own. But adding the other little coffee gift along with that matching card is sure to please and relax even the busiest friend. So, it's time to enjoy - it's "Time for a Coffee Break".

I had so much fun putting this project together:

This is a gift all by itself and so easy to make. I love how the K-cups are nestled in this box:

Here's the carrier box for the Frappucino bottles:

There's an insert to separate the bottles to keep them from banging against each other:

The card is a cinch to make. I made it simple on purpose so as not to detract from the fancy k-cup box and carrier:

You can get the tutorials to make this project by subscribing to the month of August over at Craft Project Central. 

And here's the best news! They're letting me give away a free subscription to Craft Project Central for the month of August! To qualify for the drawing, just make a comment here on my blog and on the Craft Project Central post of my project. 

Happy Stamping,